Business Marketing through Press Release

Like as the magazines or newspapers, Press Releases is becoming a very influential tool as media promotion in developing business or in an undertaking in the event, inform promo products towards the general public.

By publishing a website for business through press releases on a regular basis and sustainability, you will get be more right on target due to  readers get more relevant information from reliable sources. To be able optimized on the target market of your business,  do optimization of press release content is very important.

The optimization can be done by inserting the url address of your website as well as adding some “Keywords” on the content of the news to be published. With the Optimization will help your business in the process of SEO in the leading search engines such as google, yahoo and bing.

The common format of  Press Release is as follows:

Headlines: _ _ _ _ to load the title

Summary: _ _ _ _ _ contains a summary of the contents of the press release (Intro text)

News body: _ _ _  contains the full content of your press release (Full Text)

Industry: _ _ _ _ _ publication classification

Contact: _ _ _ _ _ _   contains contact address


There are a few things you need to do before you publish your business into press releases, i.e. ;

  • make sure that the content of the news that you created has been arranged in a balanced way between the use of a Keyword with the flow of the sentence that you create. This is necessary in order for the news content that you write can be read properly and not just repeating a memorable phrase, or the repetition of many keyword without by the flow of words/paragraphs which clearly and precisely target will make readers respond negatively to your business.
  • Create some content variations, this will make it easier for you in choosing which one is the best to be published to the public
  • Enter your right contact address so that readers can do the fast reaction time of to contact you.
  • Search and do a survey of the market towards media services where you will publish the news content.
  • Select the type of service the publication media in accordance with the type of your business  or fit with your market target.
  • Ask them where your content will be published, and how visitors from content published will do click.
  • The last use and install Web Analytic to track visitor from the press release that you load it. By installing the web analytic you will be able to determine the next step if the media service can assist you in your investment  (ROI).

Once you are ready you can publish via Agent or service provider to such Press Release on Newswire, Newsletter, Newspaper, Radio and TV media even on a Broadcast.

Press release submitted via the service recipient is reserved, allowing you submits with the image/photo and some service provider can with logo at a time and able to submits to hundreds of media, but for this kind of thing relatively higher cost and equivalent you publish via the medium of newspaper/magazine. If you do to submit it manually (one by one) to Free services will require more time and also of course in the balance with some limitations.