Create Amazing Videos with Showbox

Showbox enables anybody to create high quality video content. It is a cloud-based solution that transforms video creation into a simple process that gives you Amazing results you couldn’t achieve beforehand. Showbox tried to cover everything needed to create that allows you to go from idea to a professional looking video in a matter of minutes without requiring any fancy equipment or prior expertise.

Some of the things that Showbox offers :

  • Show formats for storytelling “blueprints”, which guide you through specific steps for the video you want to create. For example a top 5 countdown, a video to showoff, or even just you talking about a subject for 60 seconds.
  • A library of graphic packages, all created by professional video artists, that give your video a professional look & feel
  • Background replacement (“keying”) without having to use a green screen!
  • Free-to-use licensed content libraries (from Getty images/videos, ShutterStock, and more)
  • Automatic audio mixing and recording a voice-over
  • Import your own content from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.