Create Fullscreen Background Video with Autoplay

Make a video as the background website has become the trend in recent times, many web designers are already implementing it, and proved the result is quite good and make a website appear interesting and dynamic. For musicians website, movie promotion website or personal website that has to do with music and film is suitable to use this trick to display on  their website.

The problem of the use of video as a background if placed on a standard shared hosting that generally not allowed to do streaming video. Playing video files using Youtube as a primary choice .

A fullscreen good quality video that autoplays does increases engagement for the users/customers. It should be kept in mind that the story of the video must be relevant to the brand. These days we’re surrounded by loads of videos on social networks like FB and Twitter as well which autoplay (but is muted of course). Analytical studies have also reported higher engagement due to this.

It seemed like JavaScript is the only solution to this problem. The idea is to get the container’s computed dimensions (width and height), the video’s dimensions and basis some basic math, scale the video up or down ensuring that it’ll cover the entire container.  Once the video is in place and is looking all nice and jazzy, one common requirement is to show an overlay right above the video so that the content (headings, subtext, etc.) over the video is fairly visible and readable for the users.