Designing a Website with a clear Structure

A website has become a necessity for corporations business. The website makes it easy for us in doing the presentation of information about the products or services offered. Thus the website can be used as a “guide” for customers to learn more about the profile of a company/individual/organization online.

In making a new website, there are many factors that must be considered includes: the loading process faster, has an interesting look, navigation is easy to understand and use, the content of the article is good, and many more other items. This is with the goal of a web that is created can later present information on offer is right on target, easy to understand and have a clear purpose.

In designing the website needed a good collaboration between the author of the web with the web owner. Many website owners who create websites are not aware of this, and submit them to web developers or to website designers so that after the website was complete the owner of the web do much changes anymore because it feels the lack of a match in the web present . For that matter,  require a good communication relationship.

Here are things you can do as the owner of the web in doing the design of the new website to be presented to the author of the website:

  • Conducting a survey with the search engines (such as google) about the example of the existing site and site business competitors who are already appearing. Study it carefully against that site, if necessary write down the key points that became the mainstay of the site. This will be very helpful in determining the content of the site will be displayed.
  • From the results of the survey, write down your wishes about the content of the site to be created in detail. Note the reference to sort out the important part and that is not important. If you have a limited budget, then the important points can be looked to be displayed.
  • Make a sketch of the layout of the page. Imagine of layout of the web to be created, assemble the parts to be eye-catching on top of the first, and that doesn’t matter on the part of the other. Try to make another page anyway if each page there is a difference of forms. – Assemble the keyword (keyword) that is used as a reference search. Think carefully about the content of your site to determine the right keywords so users can quickly find your site based on keywords entered. If you have multiple keywords, sort the keywords based on priority.
  • Review the data in the site before launching. This is to facilitate the improvement of the site before it is put on-line