How to Determine the price of a Website?

Have you ever confused in asking prices for a given project making a website?

For web designers, webmasters, freelancers it is certainly disconcerting in taking a decision certainly in pricing a website to potential clients, with the goal of keeping prices given are inappropriate according to the type of the web has to offer with this level of capability.
Many factors can determine in a matter of website creation, lots of how to determine the price of a design that are applied by the design service company. There is which gives prices in package website, some are based on the number of pages, there is a decisive flat-price, and others determine the rate based on per-jam or per-day.

Then the argument of what must be considered a seasoned website in determining the price of a web?
These are fundamental things globally that could be used a reference/consideration in in filing a proposal of web price:
Determine price web design concept
This is a relative thing once in taking into account the price concept design. Nevertheless we can not guess about how original and his brilliance a design concept. This is a designer claimed to be able to elaborate on the concept of design that he offer or choosing the right type of web design for clients.
Not only limited to the idea and the visual appearance, but also include other things like ‘ look and feel ‘, layout, flow and placement of the navigation of a website, sitemap, selection, as well as take into account tagline, how design was later able to be accessed by a web browser and making it compatible with cms platform. Take into programming code like CSS, Javascript and other compatible no occurrence of a “Bug” or error.
From the above things we can determine and … with the ability we have in daily work costs incurred throughout the building concept design.

Determine the price of material design

The price of material design are the total price of the procurement of materials for design work that includes the price session photography, purchase stock image, making Banner ads either animated or static, the purchase of additional software license, copy writing, articles, multimedia, and so on.
The web material is determining by how good material and carried out in a professional manner will be able to improve the quality of the website.

Choosing the right server hosting for clients

Often of the web maker puts the client at web server hosting by not considering the types of websites that are created, how secure and reliable of the hosting they are use.
How to determine a suitable web hosting servers?
Example; If an client create a corporate website with special application that need to consume much memory resource, then the placement on the server hosting also required better than standard hosting such as VPS (Virtual Private Server). It aims for visitor when access the website can be more faster, more secure from tampering down server instead of using a Shared Hosting (servers which are shared by many other users).
Similarly to the type of hotel booking system website, portal website, online shop or eCommerce; for these web is highly recommended placement at a VPS Server and a Dedicated Server.
Placement on the hosting server as in Shared Hosting will affect web access level such as; frequent occurrence of website down, Suspended Accounts due to excess wear Limit CPU (CPU Usage Limit), the lack of bandwidth, etc.

As for the web that a small scale and only with a view pages and did not have a solid level of visitors can use the Server from Shared Hosting.
From the example above we could take into account the costs that will be incurred.

Client Support

This is the most important thing in consider by most potential clients to facilitate clients in contact. Their is many kind of web support to consider i.e ; Update content, Web Maintenance, consulting, Training directly or indirectly. In the given price, specify how long you give free service updates the content, maintenance etc