Reference in building a website

On this CMSplaza tips, we try to gives some reference in building a website for general used. For those of you who are first time in making the web for Business website, sometimes confuse things on what should that need to be loaded in the web.


This is absolutely a must have in the company website, whatever your business types, the Company Profile will contain a variety of information such as:

  • About Us Page, a glimpse of the company overview. From here you convince consumers that the company you deserve for them.
  • Why Choose us?, this page you can fill in the primacy of your product and services, where this content can fill a wide range of things you have to offer comparing with your competitor.
  • Facilities, with a list of facilities that exist on the property or services that you offer with clear details, so that they no longer exist when the complaint term comes to you.
  • How To?, FAQ and Help pages. on this page you can create and populate a collection of Faqs in brief or it could be filled in a variety of clues that may make it easier for consumers to do pre-order. This is very important especially for a site with a lot of rules in the process of purchase. The advantages of the creation of this online instructions will save you time in serving every question the same question from many visitors.
  • Contact us, besides the obvious Address filled in as Postal address, Telephone and Email, put up a Contact Form to Mail can be avoid lazy  visitor in opening email accounts, they can directly write it via the contact form. Filling the contact form will be more focused in receive input data from your visitors. It would be nice if you include for the Live Chat (for those who do not have Messenger installed on computer that they used.
  • Term & Condition, this page is absolutely necessary if you receive service with many rules, such as rules of cancellation of the purchase / order / reservation, the rights and privacy of consumers and so on.


On this page try to list the products/services you offer is accompanied by the completeness of the price as clear as possible. If the price on the catalogue that you show are rarely updated because of an inventory update directly, then you can specify additional notes on the prices that the price may change at any presence notification. With so little whether visitors will call back to you asking for the right price when it applies.

If you don’t have an IT in doing regular products update you can hire for web maintenance service, so you  can be focused on other things.


On this page you can make a Blog, breaking news from your company or other articles that are related to your products and services. Article page that you has created and updates periodically will make your web getting more visitors because search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing, will be more able to index your website. That means opportunities to get consumers will increase too.


Other important pages such as Special Offer page is very necessary in selling a product.  If possible the creation of the Video would be much better to inform prospective client to your place.

If all the things above you prepare are ripe, then should you decide to build a website. Its main purpose is for when you decide on a service provider’s website you are ready with the content that you want to load. Thus the web you’ll quickly be completed and online.