How to attracting visitors to the Website

A variety of ways can be done by the web owner in order to attracting visitors as much as possible. With the large number of visitor Traffic to your web, will have great opportunities in sales or anything that is offered on the web.
Increasing traffic is an important role after you successfully build a website. Every thing is done requires patience and time in the process of getting visitors to your website.

Here are some of the main points that you can do:

  • Register your website/Blog to directories engine which corresponds of the type your website, such as to technorati, feedburner, blogdigger, bloglines, blogarama, blog, etc.
  • Ask to do link exchanges with other similar web with the classification of your web. For example if your website about hotels, Travel or property, then do an Exchange with web type. Try to do not do exchanges with websites in their page contains a reserved directory links (Link Farm), is not very good for your web. A good link Exchange usually put your link on the Footer/bottom, side column on the web and displayed on all pages of the website.
  • Join a Social Networking site and Forum. Spend a little time to get active in Social Networking websites such as; Tweeter, Facebook, Flickr, youtube, etc. And if possible join in a Forum. On the website of the forum you can add a Signature to link to your website.
  • Commenting on other blogs, visiting other web blog by leaving your message/comment would be an article that exists on the web. in the comment Form there can enter your website URL.
    Make interesting articles on your website. This is the thing that is most telling in increasing traffic to your website. By creating an article on your web pages search engine automatically index your article. Most internet users find articles via the search engine.
  • Optimization of web pages. Use SEO techniques (Search engine optimization) for each of your web pages. In every web page give Meta tags for: Title, Description and Keyword. Optimalisasikan your website with content pages contain keywords in the content of the article that is in your web.
  • Submit Your Articles. do the registration of articles, blog that you have on the web to various Social bookmarking and to providers of RSS feeds.
  • Ping website & Sitemap. Pinging a website aiming to do the renewal index web pages by search engines, socialbookmarking, RSS content. Ping should be performed periodically every you perform changes, addition/subtraction web page.
  • Setup Analytic. The code for visitor tracking on the web. It helps to conduct monitoring against visitors came, and gave a very complete Report such as: the origin of visitors, number of clicks, and so on. Tracking visitor really help you especially if you are doing website promotion to the advertisement provider sites. With web analytic you could do an analysis of your financial ROI.