01. Process of  Purchase Order

Order will be processed after CMSplaza received an online purchase and will be immediately processed. Renewal will be counted since your account is activated.

When in  processing of website creation such as; request for additional script application/programming which is not included in the package , CMSPlaza right to charge for  additional costs in accordance with such jobs before the work  completed.

Clients must provides the web material such as; Text, Document, stock Images/pictures/photos, and other materials that need to use on website.

If the client asks CMSplaza to provide for those  web material, then the client will be charged an additional fee in accordance with the type and quantity of the material to the website.

The length of time required in the work progress of website until completion is according with the type of web, features, components and the amount of web pages content.

In the working of website clients should provide the necessary data. Clients provide web data information such as: information for the navigation menu on the main Menu and Sub Menu “that will be loaded, Content/structure of web content, and additions that are required to setup.

If the client has had a Web Hosting and Domain name and wished to keep to use their hosting company, the client is obliged to provide login detail and other necessary things in the process of moving data at hosting clients.

If  the client wished to Transfer Hosting Account, Domain Transfer to CMSplaza web hosting, then the client shall be obliged to give access rights to log into web hosting, Domain Transfer Codes and any other thing that is necessary given the CMS Plaza next to be processed as the removal of the old account to the new one.

In a State of emergency, is reserved or in certain circumstances so necessitated the transfer of the website to server and CMSplaza reserves the right to perform the transfer of customer accounts to other web hosting server. The client agrees to provide unrestricted access in the transfer account and data necessary to be able to move data to the new server customers.

02. General term of using our web hosting

CMSplaza does not allow clients to install/use in scripts/applications/programs/files that may damage the servers, such as for Document Share, Search scripts, Web Bot, Video/Music Streaming; that could be make the server overload or exceeded of CPU Resource & Memory usage.

CMSPlaza does not allow the web aimed at the things which are pornographic, or  contains the products that violate copyright, the web that is contrary to the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia or in countries where hosting for web clients are placed.

CMSPlaza does not allow use of the web hosting for things like hacking, mail bombs, blashing email, spamming, and including things that can harm other users on the same server.

Clients that use the CMSPlaza web hosting package given the right fully in regulating, managing and taking care of accounts based on the features that have been specified in accordance with the chosen hosting package.

CMSPlaza does not give support that related with on how to use of cPanel, edit the script file, and use of   third  party script on cPanel addon.

03. Things that are outside the responsibility of CMSplaza

CMSplaza does not provide services associated with Emulators/Roms.
CMSplaza not accepted pornography, hacking, cracking, money games, gambling, video streaming and similar that is contrary to law.
CMSplaza does not serve things to promote something that is illegal apps, such as warez, illegal serial numbers, IRC Bot, MP3 or similar, content infringing copyright, porn sites, cracks codes, theme or script  nulled or provide the information in violation of the law. It is also not allowed to enter the link associated with the website.
CMSplaza is not responsible if the client performs the Act of damaging, entering, copying, try to change the data that resides on system and web hosting server that is not a right of the clients concerned.

CMSplaza is not responsible if the client transfer and or give rights to any third party to do well in management of websites and hosting without any agreement approved by both parties.

CMSplaza is not responsible if the clients in the use of their web hosting has install the chat server  that caused  exceed cpu limits, use email and network to do SPAM, mail bomb, or other things that are similar, and the result of such things can eventually harm, damaging the server, as well as affect other users on the same server, then the client account shall be made to account suspend. For these matters CMSPlaza freed from all demands in case of loss of data due to deletion and closing the account.

CMSplaza  are not responsible and no guarantee in case of damage, loss of Data, files, Document, Domain web hosting customers in result of errors and omissions caused by the client or by third parties outside the knowledge of the CMSplaza.

04. Billing and consumer responsibility

All things related to invoice, payment and billing account will be delivered electronically via email.
The client must make a payment based on an invoice that has been received on the due date of the Bill.
The client is required to pay no later than at the time limits indicated in the invoice. If it exceeds the time limit which has been specified, the account will be reactivated until payment received.

CMSplaza reserves the right to perform client account suspension, blocking the access rights to the account deletion and data clients who don’t pay up by the deadline specified on the billing statement.