How To Register A Paypal Account


PayPal has been widely used by people to do online business., Paypal which is the electronic payment media tool is a secure, resilient and quick process makes it easy for any user to do transaction in real time.

With paypal you can accept, send money as well as doing various transaction through the internet network. Conduct transactions with paypal you can simply login, no longer need to use your Credit card, because paypal has been working automatically and to secure your credit card from it.

Now paypal has supported various Indonesia banks account. With this support you don’t need to worry anymore to be able to withdraw your paypal money. Their are 2 way of withdrawal ; using Wire Transfer to local Bank Account or use your Credit card or Debit Card.

The registration process require that you must have  Credit Card. Your Credit Card will be charged for registration (charge one time): US $ 1.95 and will be printed on a sheet of your credit card as well as for paypal Verification.

There are 3 types of PayPal registration:

  1. Personal, to pay for the transaction in one direction, it cannot receive funds from others.
  2. Premier, two-way business transactions. With this type of account you can pay, and also receive PayPal funds from others. In addition, PayPal funds that goes to you, could be disbursed to local bank with the primary account. The primer has only 1 login, are individual.
  3. Business, this account is the same as the primary, but has advantages i.e. their user login can be more than 1 person. This business accounts typically used in companies that have some people share holder.

The following steps for registration/creation of a new account:

» Click here to PayPal

you will be taken directly to the register according to the instructions below.


Then select the type of account you want, in the image below using the example of the business. continue by pressing the start …


Fill in all the required info in the fields such as name, address, Phone, Email and so on.

Select the appropriate currency (USD) currently available currency IDR.


When the phone number needs to be filled and must be true without entering the country code, (more easily accepted wearing a mobile phone number),

for example:

Writing a valid phone number: 0361444444

Writing the correct Mobile phone number: 08123999933665

Email  input Box on the right is correct you use, Email this later As the Username Login payPal in any transaction.

The contents of your Password that is easy to remember and suggested creating a password by using a combination of letters and numbers with a minimum of 6 characters (I’ll be safer).

On the select/ enter a Password Recovery question and answer 2 you, it will be also useful if one day you forget your login account.

Give it a tick YES in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy if you have approved all provisions that apply at PayPal.

Continue the process by clicking on the continue button, you will be heading on the verification process as well as charging your credit card information.



When you are finished you will return to the main page of paypal.



You will charge $ 1.95, and bill your credit card or debit card there will be a 4 digit code provided by paypal.

The process of registering your new PayPal account has been complete. Check your Email to activate your paypal account from email.

The next step …

On the statement of your  Credit Card billing, you will see the writing on the front of the PAYPAL credit card Bill, there’s a 4-digit number. Login to your account and go to My Account page than click  Activate Account – Complete Expanded Use Enrollment, once you enter 4-digit security code that your paypal account will become a Verified member.